This is even better if you know the best line in the movie is a god yelling "the penis is evil!"


Remember when your dad used to embarrass you in front of your friends, either by showing them pictures of you in adorable costumes as a kid or by just physically showing up to pick you up from school? Well, this one kid finally found a way to return the shame. Sure, fans of Zardoz may know that Sean Connery is the epitomy of both raging masculine barbarity and erudite intellectualism in the movie, but we have a feeling that the average Lowe's sales clerk won't really understand the subtleties involved. We're pretty sure that in a hardware store, all they're going to notice is Connery's thigh-highs and the chest straps attached to his bikini bottom. Then again, he does look ready to do some serious work.

Sources: Redditor mattpedigo