It's the perfect birthday cake for a different person entirely.

Aww. (via Emily Seggie)

Autocorrect is both a nuisance and a necessity in our texting-based society. It can result in some Freudian slips, accidental mixups of "pubic" and "public," and some pretty awesome birthday cakes.

To celebrate Laura Seggie's 21st birthday, her family wanted to do something special and make a custom cake. When her mom texted her request for the special confection, autocorrect changed what was meant to be "wee blonde girl" into "wee blind girl." (Hehe. "Wee.")

Maybe Moira should have asked? (via Emily Seggie/Mashable)

Moira followed up on the request, assuming that Ms. Seggie indeed meant blind. She crafted an adorable cake topper of a blind girl (who unfortunately happens to be brunette).