Each of those custom cupcakes cost $4,000.

Art imitates life. Or in this case, Mitt Romney's life imitates Someecards. The ex-presidential candidate celebrated his 66th birthday today—wearing his favorite party white dress shirt—in a snapshot that looks nearly identical to a Someecard (below). We swear the card was created before these photos of Romney's actual birthday were posted by his son Tagg. Sure, it's rumored that even Michelle Obama is getting Adele and Beyonce to perform at her 50th birthday bash, but that doesn't mean that President Romney would have celebrated his birthday any differently than Runner-Up Romney did. Actually, seeing him all vulnerable with frosting on his upper lip makes us like Romney better than we did for all of 2012. We can almost imagine voting for a lonely, goofily grinning man with a mouth full of cupcake. Almost.


someecards.com - March 12: The benefit of sharing a birthday with Mitt Romney is knowing your celebration can't possibly be lamer than his.

Sources: taggromney on Instagram