Imgur user theflippist's wife really listens. That's how she remembered an offhand remark from her husband about wanting to try all the weird and unusual Pringles flavors, and surprised him with a birthday party that even a casual Pringles-enthusiast would enjoy. 

So much popping, so little stopping.

He writes:

A while ago I told my wife that someday I thought it would be amazing to have a picnic and have a whole bunch of cans of Pringles to choose from. Sooo...for my birthday, my wife and a friend made the dream come true and got me more Pringles flavors than I ever could imagine. ​

This is definitely one of those birthday parties that seems casual, like it was no big deal to throw together, but actually took many man hours and multiple trips to "Family Dollar, Walmart, Target, Dollar General, many grocery stores, and the Internet." His wife and friend even made theflippist a Pringles Passport to keep track of what flavors he's tried, and recipe cards with suggestions for pairings. 

Yet somehow this does not appear to be sponsored by Pringles.