How you wrap presents for someone's birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah (or whatever festival of America-destroying evil people who say "Happy Holidays" celebrate) says a lot about you—for this gift-giver, it's that they're a mild sadist with a good sense of humor. Redditor Zannrael is celebrating their second year as the Worst Gift Wrapper on the Internet. These gifts are all intended for a White Elephant party, which is where guests all bring gifts and then are allowed to pick one brought by another guest. Zannrael's presents were wrapped up as perishable grocery items, which is a great way to disguise them and prevent White Elephant cheaters from poaching high-value items.

They also explained how to do it. Here's the first image, which isn't showing up in the album for some reason:

And here's the full album of his creations, with commentary on each step:

I'm the worst gift wrapper ever. (2015 edition!)

Here are Zannrael's gifts from last year, which had a decidedly more martial bent.

I'm The Worst Gift Wrapper Ever

That's a pretty impressive feat to top, folks. Fortunately, you have a whole month to do it. You haven't bought any gifts yet, have you. *sigh* OK. Just...remember to take the prices off, OK? Baby steps.

Sources: redditor Zannrael