The "Monitor Masher"

This first video alone of a Fed Ex guy taking an elegant over-the-fence jump shot with a recipient's computer monitor should be enough to instantly terrify everyone who had just finished shipping off their gifts via Amazon. We took a look around Youtube and it turns out that this particular Fed Ex shipper wasn't the only one with a good free-throw arm. We knew you had to have some athletic ability to spend all day landing packages in people's doorways, but we had no idea the moves these guys had. Take a look at the videos below to see just what sort of graceful plays are being practiced with your Christmas presents this week.

The "Season's Greetings"

The "Shattered Electronics Slide"

The "Fencetop Dishware Fracturer"

The "Underhanded Vase Fragmenter"

The "Long Distance iPad Cracker"

The "Chest Pop Pulverizer"

The "Leaning Tower Of Pieces"

The "Front Porch Fine Crystal Cruncher"

The "Load & Imploder"

The "Pile O' Breakables"

The "Holy crap, seriously?!"


The "What can Brown kick the crap out of for you?"