1. The Nicholas Cangel

The lights and the tinsel and those homemade ornaments you inherited from your Gramma, they're all just noise. It's the topper that tells your houseguests how you get your Christmas on. Do you dig angels? Do you rock a star? Or do you follow the example of the toppers on this page, and fly your psycho flag atop the scotch pine with a loud, boisterous, Merry Batshit Christmas? Whatever you do, be not ashamed. It's your tree. Tis the season to make it as unsettling as possible.


2. Variable Speed Angel


3. The Birthday Brah


4. Tastes Worse Than Myrrh-ngel


5. Nerd-tivity Scene


6. The Not So Immaculate Conception


7. Leapfrog Body Guillotine Angel


8. The Junk Of Bethlehem


9. "The Season 'Tis"


10. Hell's Angel


11. Tampon Applic-angel


12. A Star Would Guide Them...To Chinatown


13. Poledancing Angel

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