- You have a small penis and want to golf all day? What a lucky lady I am.

Welcome to the second month of this ordeal. In February, our user Hwbostma spent two entire days making cards that—ahem—belittled her husband's miniscule member. Determined to significantly lengthen her list of genital-shaming jokes, she's back at it. Here are some highlights. For more glimpses into the disturbed minds of our users—or to share your own disturbed thoughts with others—visit our new Someecards Community page. - Dicks are like chocolate. They're never bad but sometimes there's just not enough. - I play sensitive love songs on my guitar for you because my dick is so small - you know that gun ain't going to make up for your little dick - No, these won't make your husband's penis any bigger - Men with small dicks better learn to be great cooks - I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my small penis sooner. - Ugggh. Another small penis!


Cards from February's venting session: - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked if you were in yet - who would've thought your little dick would work so well - Okay, I'll come back to your room. But if I can fit the whole thing in my mouth then you're too small and I'm leaving - Try it now. They say it will feel bigger if you come from behind - When your husband has a little penis then dinner is always the highlight of the evening - I am going to cuckold the hell out of you and your little dick - What's the difference between a flu shot and a little dick? You can feel a flu shot - What's the difference between a Snickers bar and a small penis? Snickers satisfies - Now it says right here that a small penis is not grounds for divorce - Guarantee: These women are not fighting over a man with a small penis - Realizing that my husbands penis isn't getting any bigger