I have a dreme that my children will be judged on the content of there charicter.

With students heading back to school, it seems like the perfect time to remind the world that the American educational system has pretty much give up. Our only hope is that the proofreaders of these signs are able to appreciate the irony of their very public blunders while they're in line at the unemployment office. 


Maybe try walking to literacy first.

There's a perfectly good explanation: it's a neighborhood of hobos.


It's a school district entirely for kids who have a lisp because of their braces.

No matter how many pubic education partners you have, you can always use more.

Chalenge acepted.

On the plus side they got a great new slogan: I'm a Scoholic!

Way to make the community college kids believe they can excel.

Their performace... it was not so good.

Important plannig announcement: spellig no longer offered.

This took 18 months. Way to go, NYC! Looks terrific now.

At that moment, Maiesha and Anamaria knew they were better than their teachers.

Not cool. Didn't you hear about Jenny's car crash over the summer?

"Staff, we have a LOT to do today. Here are some third graders to teach you."

When your school district gets called out by Commuter Dude, it's time to move.

The word on the next spelling test at Monroe High was 'futility.'