Remember kids, only YOU can prevent baseball fires. 

In high school jocks were the cool kids. Or at least we thought they were until we came back to visit our parents once after college and saw them getting chewed out by their managers at Best Buy for filing The Beatles Anthology under "T" instead of "B."  That and when we saw these 15 utterly pathetic senior pictures. Enjoy!


Glad he doesn't spell Zach with an "ack," because that would be totally gay.  

"I'm watching you!" — Love, Yourself

Ohhh, we get it, because, wait, what?

Peanut butter & jelly, peas & carrots, MMA & Glamour Shots — all matches made in heaven.

Aww, we remember when we first learned how to use Photoshop too!

Look everyone, fat white trash David Blaine is doing a trick for us!

Who can forget everyone's favorite sport "foot-wrestle-cross?"

A classy homage to Brett Favre's future text messages.

Having very deep thoughts about the NBA teams that couldn't fit on his pants.

It's my dick-in-a-helmet!

Looking buff bro. By the way, cool promise ring. 

Ok, now try and look less like you're constipated and from the 70's. 

For best results, punch the one in the middle. 

The perfect way to allude to the fact that you have VD.