- my family has invited me over for dinner, im hoping its not like last time when they told me it was dinner and ended up being an intervention ...bahahahahahahaha gotta luv family

"We all love you very much but we need to talk about your grammar."

Gotta love family, gotta hate punctuation. We hope the intervention went well; ours are usually just as disastrous as this card. 3 out of 10. - Every1 doesn't think the same, If I ever said or say something that offends u, maybe ur offended by ur own way of thinking & need to change ur thoughts not mine!!!!

We're offended by this card.

To be fair, it looks like this says "EveryI" when it really says "Every1," but both are embarrassingly wrong. Still, we hope that fourth exclamation point really causes the recipient to do some serious introspection next time they get offended. 2 out of 10. - Day's like today are a great reminder of just how much I merishly lurv you.

Written by someone having a stroke.

What an adorably incomprehensible card! Congratulations to the kitten with brain damage that managed to scratch this out on the keyboard. So cute! 5 out of 10.


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