Redditor Sunbrojesus's story about taking out the trash—and taking in a whole bunch of tiny, egg-holding ants—will have you convinced that science should drop all their global warming research and instead go full throttle on replacing all ants with dogs. 

You decide.

Oh, you're confused? The proposal is simple. Just, like, round up all the ants and send them to Mars and in their place introduce a few million more dogs. You know? Come on, just get onboard with the movement to eliminate all ants and replace them with dogs. Read this guy's story until you're convinced.

He shared his unfortunate tale on the "Today I Fucked Up" subreddit.

This morning I noticed that the garbage can in the kitchen was overflowing and smelled like ass. I took it outside and went back to the kitchen to replace the bag. I reached in the cabinet under the sink to grab a new bag, and here is my fuck up. I do the thing you do with garbage bags to open them, but I feel all these specs like sand hit me in the face. I look down at my shirt and see I'm completely covered in millions of fucking satans evil spawn (fucking ants holding their fucking eggs). They're crawling all over my hair, all over my face, I'm screaming like a wild goat in heat, ripping off all my clothes. I open the front door and chuck satans concubine cave (the garabge bag box) outside and spray that shit with all the fucking raid I have in my house. My wife has been calling me Drama Queen all day, but she clearly doesn't understand the emotional pain of having ants crawl over your entire body while carrying their eggs.

Sources: Flickr: Jeff Ro | Flickr: Chandan Kumar