Help us, we're idiots.

As far as first tweets go, this entry from the Federal Student Aid office can at least claim success in the "generating buzz" department. Unfortunately, that buzz is the kind you hear when a beehive falls on your head, because the people who run the Twitter account for FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—something most people who can't pay for college with their pocket money fill out) have less common sense than the 18-year-olds they're supposed to be helping. People were not happy.

Insulting the poor is always a bad idea, calling the majority of Americans poor is a bad idea, letting a government agency use memes is always a bad idea, and doing all three at the same time on a government agency's Twitter account is definitely, 100%, absolutely not going to turn out well for anyone (who doesn't get their kicks from watching authority flounder on social media). Federal Student Aid deleted their tweet, which, you know, is something that totally works in these situations:

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