CBS Sports has embarrassed itself on social media by tweeting an overly-complicated metaphor that's making football fans scratch their heads even more than they usually do. When covering Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions, whoever was handling the @CBSSports Twitter account really dropped the ball. (See? That's a good metaphor.)

The account tweeted a confusingly blurry pair of images that appear to show Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas being tackled. But if the pictures are unclear, the caption will make you wonder if you've just had a small stroke.


Nothing about this makes sense. Is Thomas holding the door? Is he being tripped? What's the wall of wet paint? The field? There's paint on it, but how could it possibly be a wall? It could be the floor? Does anyone smell toast?

The ineptitude of this metaphor was not lost on the Twitter public, either. Tweeters immediately dogpiled on whichever poor underpaid sap wrote that tweet. Some of their comments were hilariously brutal.

Sources: CBS Sports