Fact: 50 percent of the world's wealth rests in the hands, weighed down by gold watches, of approximately one percent of the entire population. That statistical howitzer only gets worse when the affluent-born don't seem to realize that not everyone grew up eating with a diamond-studded spoon in their mouth. Pshhh, diamond-studded spoons sound like they hurt anyway.

Rub it in, why don't ya?

So if you find yourself teeming with rage at the global income disparity, don't fret. Instead, let your blistering frustration intensify by perusing through these 23 stories about clueless rich kids pulled from AskReddit.

1. Angela_bee finds making a peanut butter sandwich easier than getting food delivered.

They think it's weird when people struggle with money.

I used to live in NYC, and knew a guy who came from HUGE money who was a trust fund kid and worked in the fashion industry because he loved it. He had an apartment on Park Avenue, had a driver, etc. He was very nice, but clueless about struggle. Every time he'd hear me say something like "oh yay, another peanut butter sandwich" he'd just tilt his head and say "If you're hungry why don't you just order delivery?" or something. He had NO CLUE about things like having twenty dollars to your name for the next five days.