The story of Essena O'Neill, the social media star who has quit social media, struck a chord and generated a discussion about online personas and the very nature of happiness. Instagram-famous teenagers who have yet to denounce social media either felt personally insulted by Essena's assessment, or they just straight-up wanted the attention that comes with a reaction video to a viral story. With titles like "ESSENA O'NEILL Quitting Social Media Is A HOAX" and "ESSENA ONEILL IS FAKE," teens are waging a full-blown war.

The worst, most prominent video has to be from Los Angeles sisters Nina and Randa, who ranted for 15 minutes. It's a particularly obnoxious video, where Nina and Randa give Essena's video a kind of  Daily Show treatment in which they play clips and "fact-check" them like they're Fox News. 


They commented below their video:

Essena, this was mean what you did. You didn't just "quit" social media. You attacked other people by saying that they're fake and deceiving others. No YOU were fake and deceiving other people. It's not fair to say other people are doing that, and to use your trip to LA as evidence. You owe some apologies.

Sources: h/t New York Magazine