After writing about the filtered messages that Facebook has been hiding in a clandestine area of its users' inboxes, Someecards received a write-in from one woman who checked her own messages and discovered a bit of life-changing news buried deep among the spam.

Because of this particular post, I actually read the article and discovered one intriguing message. A message from my biological brother. A brother I never knew existed, but with the verification from another biological relative, I believe to be a legit brother, and not an imposter. Without this link I would have never thought to check other Facebook messages.. And while the others were all spam, this one was not.

Thank you for reuniting two siblings who would've otherwise become ships passing through the night. Even if it took me almost 2 years to discover the message from him. It was because of that article.


You're welcome!

As news of Facebook's filtered messages made its way around the web, Someecards asked the Internet to check their own filtered messages and share the revelations over Twitter.

Some had joyous reunions, just like the woman who initially wrote in about her brother.