One of YouTube's most prominent explainer series, In a Nutshell, has turned its cartoony eye to a topic that hits close to home: people stealing videos, putting them on Facebook, and collecting all the sweet hits. If you watch or share a video that's been uploaded directly to Facebook, there's a 75% chance that you're cheating the actual creator out of views—and since views are how things like advertising revenue are calculated, you're cheating the very people whose videos you like to watch out of the money they need to make those videos.

Just to be clear, about 25% of videos on Facebook are not stolen, and linking to YouTube or Vimeo or wherever is not stealing. The issue arises from people stealing a video from YouTube and uploading it to Facebook—which is made far worse by the fact that Facebook prefers stolen videos hosted on Facebook over honest links to original content on YouTube. 

Sources: h/t Reddit