If you get a friend request from a random woman on Facebook, who you know nothing about and who shares no mutual friends with you, you usually just decline the request and move on with your life. And that's smart. Because as Redditor BrainRadio learned, once you respond, it's hard to stop. Do not open the pandora's box of your rage, because you cannot close it. 

It started with an innocent "hello."


And from there it got, to say the least, contentious. 

In the same way that "Carol Jennifer" feels safe enough in "her" anonymity to try to troll random people for information or money, so too does BrainRadio feel anonymous enough to go completely apesh*t on this person. Well, he'd probably do it regardless of anonymity—since he uploaded the whole thing to Reddit.

And here's where the stalker becomes the stalkee—as BrainRadio unleashes what will become a torrent of phone calls on the unsuspecting Carol.