The secrets of the ages have finally been revealed.

There can only be one. (via)

Have you ever stared into the evocative world of a woman's Snapchat picture and thought to yourself, "I can see the information this photo is ostensibly attempting to relay, but I can't help but feel that there is a deeper message outside my understanding."

Holly Carpenter—a 23-year-old Irish model and fitness blogger—is offering a glimpse in to the strange and mysterious world of young women's social media communiqués. Just look at these side-by-side sample images she posted to see what what's being said and what's really being said:

The dog seems suspicious of her motivations. (via)

Pffft... That's what guys are always doing. (via)

Wow, she looks awful. (via)

Check out that palm cleavage! (via)


You can see more of Holly Carpenter's Snapchat explanations on her blog.

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