A popular Facebook page called "Garlic Bread Memes" usually brings together those who love Internet humor and oily seasoned bread, but ever since they put up one controversial meme, the page is being accused of transphobia. Since the controversy began, the story has been covered by huge publications like BuzzFeed and The Washington Post, and you now have to deal with the fact that a Facebook page about garlic bread is being covered by the same people who cover politics and news. Oh garlic bread, you really are a complex carb.

Posted by Garlic Bread Memes on Sunday, June 5, 2016

Earlier this month, the above picture of two delicious looking pieces of garlic bread was uploaded to the Facebook group, which currently has 280,000 likes, with the caption, "If i had a slice of garlic bread for every existing gender."

Garlic bread, a usual crowd-pleaser for the gluten tolerant, is now proving itself a pretty controversial subject.

Those who don't believe in the gender binary were not happy that garlic bread made a political statement about gender because gender is a construct, and garlic bread is... garlic bread.