When it comes to teenage-ish girls (22 year olds are still teens, IMHO), I'm a "glass is half full" kind of person. By which I mean I believe that if a bunch of teenagers saw a glass half full of water, they could easily spend 20 minutes taking selfies with it. (#optimism #8glassesaday #blessed) Thus, I was not surprised to see this clip from a recent Diamondbacks game of ASU’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority members just taking pictures of themselves. The game's commentators narrate their photo sesh with slightly fearful wonder, as the girls totally ignore the baseball and just take shot after shot of themselves with churros and hot dogs.*

"I want my grandchildren to see these churros someday."
"I want my grandchildren to see these churros someday."

No, the revolution will not be televised. But you will be able to see it in the background of some college girl's duck face Instagram shot. 


* Because if you didn't eat on Instagram, it's like you didn't eat at all. 

Sources: h/t Jezebel