If you're googling Japan's age of consent, maybe you're a professor doing research on global trends in sexuality. Or maybe you met a 20-year-old woman in Tokyo, and you want to see if that relationship's legal or not. Or maybe you're a goddamn pervert. That's certainly what Google thinks of you.

He's not impressed by you or your interests.

Look at that photo of Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's like Google's giving you that skeptical, weirded-out look just for googling that dirty thing you googled. Alternatively, as Dennis is a notorious pervert, it's almost like Google's accusing you of being like him. Least likely is that Dennis is making that face in reference to a way-too-young age of consent.

An undeniable menace.

As of early in the day on May 23, Dennis was still the Google result. It could certainly change at any time, though, and seems to be pulled from a IGN discussion board where one of the commenters used the above Dennis face as an avatar.