Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now search for a potential sperm donor the way you search for a potential mate—via app. The UK just got its first sperm donor app, and it's set up a lot like Tinder.

The London sperm bank app, currently nicknamed "order a daddy," allows users to swipe through donor profiles which include things like physical traits, donor bios, medical background, and even sketches.


Not included, however, are donors' pictures or names; the men are referred to by number only (as they always should be).

It's like choosing from a menu!

People seeking sperm can create a "wish list" of donor profiles, and when they've made a choice they simply order online and the sperm is delivered to a clinic of their choosing.

The "wish list" function also allows users to specify preferences and receive notifications when there's a suitable donor available.

This guy sounds great! SOLD! But wait…restrictions?