That sad Papaw you might've read about recently had that new cookout he promised, and it was way more successful than the first time he cooked burgers for people out of the kindness of his Papaw heart. BuzzFeed News reports that over 1,500 people arrived from all over the country for the event, in spite of Papaw's prediction that it'd only be around 400-500 people.

Take the Papaw journey from the start, where it all began with one sad, sad photo:


After the photo went incredibly viral and made everyone as depressed as they were hungry, Papaw figured he'd try another cookout, but this time he'd make it an open invitation so he'd have people to eat with if his fair-weather grandkids didn't show up. Here's the invite sent out by his originally no-show grandson Brock:

The cookout was a rousing success. According to BuzzFeed, Papaw fans allegedly traveled to Oklahoma all the way from places like Los Angeles and Minnesota to get one of the 2,000 burgers Papaw cooked up, buy a t-shirt that says "I ate a burger with Sad Papaw," or wait 45 minutes in line to take a photo with the man himself.

Sources: BuzzFeed