The Internet can be a wonderful educational tool for children, but parents know that the online world is also an endless cesspool of very dark, NSFW things. Kids love watching adorable puppy videos, ridiculous Internet challenges, time-wasting optical illusions—but as much as you may want to deny it, they watch porn too.

Sorry hun! That website is for mommies and daddies, not you.

Kids have a burgeoning curiosity for the weird, the gross, and the inexplicable. The proof can be found in their Internet history. On these various Reddit threads, parents and people who know parents shared the strangest things they found on a kid's Internet history. Brace yourselves.

1. OMFGORLY describes a kid who had one too many schadenfreude moments.

Not me, but my boss told me a story of his 8 year old son's YouTube history.

Apparently he would take the Ipad and just watch videos of Asian children crying for hours on end.​

2. Fortunately, Wisdom_Of_A_Man's kid doesn't know how to spell.

My ten year old googled, 'sexy fagina.' His spelling is atrocious.

3. _Goose_'s daughter is living in a fairy tale world.

My daughter was googling to see if you could marry cartoon characters. She has been obsessed with Flynn from Tangled ever since the first time she watched it.