Have you ever felt your phone buzz in your pocket, only to realize your phone's not even in your pocket (cue Twilight Zone music)? The good news is you're not hallucinating, and it's not a tumor. You're simply suffering from Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Which sounds like a fake disease you made up to get out of watching one of the Star Wars movies, but it's not.

One way to make phantom vibrations more exciting.

A recent study conducted by Dr. Michelle Drouin of Indiana University-Purdue University found that 89 percent of college undergrads suffer from the phantom buzz. Finally, you have something in common with a 19-year-old!

If you've experience this sensation, you may have wondered why. The answer is lamer than a Michael Bolton cover band. Basically, if your phone frequently vibrates in your pocket, you may have just gotten used to having a vibrating sensation in that area of your body.​ "Our cellphones are such an extension of our body that through force of habit, we're accustomed to it," Dr. Robert Rosenberger of the Georgia Institute of Technology told Today

"This is happening to a surprising amount of people," Rosenberger said. "But people are not really that bothered by it." Really "phoning" it in over at the science lab, there buddy.

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