Oh, ok. I'll just use the airline known for its good customer service. When it's invented.

Have you ever been so irritated by an airline losing your luggage that you spent more than the ticket and luggage combined on complaining about it? Hasan Syed has, and he says he won't stop paying boatloads of money until British Airways finds his bags. Not "until they apologize," not "until they give him free miles"—he will keep paying until they actually find and retrieve his bags. In an interview with Mashable, Mr. Syed said that he started the promoted campaign Monday night in the New York City and UK markets. And the Internet has decided it's (pretty much) behind Hasan and his (really expensive) quest to humiliate British Airways (and self-promote).

Shut up, @We_hate_BA. Stop trying to pretend you're part of this.

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