New images of Pluto's surface were released by NASA, revealing all sorts of terrain back-lit by a sunset. Yes, there are pictures of mountains, plains, and hazy skies illuminated by dusk. No likenesses to cartoon dogs this time, just beautiful, close encounters with the actual surface of the dwarf planet. These new images will be the muse for artists' renditions of planets, the kind that become screen savers and posters in stoners' bedrooms. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt scour the images for objects that look like aliens.

Fog and haze, shadows from hills and mountains.
Flying in on the approach.
Mountains up to 11,000 ft high, like Yellowstone National Park.

It's too bad Pluto is so far away from the Sun, or else it would sparkle like a rapper's grill or a socialite's cleavage. It would also melt, though, so... you're good, Pluto. You're good.

Sources: Wired