On Thursday, Brooklyn's Nick Johnson became the first Pokémon Go player to catch all 142 Pokémon the game currently offers. WOOHOO! Congratulations, Nick. And he was nice enough to share some of his tips for success, so you can catch them all, too. But be prepared to work hard.


1. Get a pair of good walking shoes.

Johnson walked about eight miles every day after work, and told Business Insider that the game recognizes a jogging pace better than a regular walking one, so get ready to hustle.

2. Straight lines hatch eggs.

When you're trying to hatch eggs, walk in a straight line—the game calculates your distance based on a straight-line measurement from where you started to where you currently are, so it's best to be as far away from where you started as possible. Circles won't help you here.

3. If you're spending money, egg incubators are the smartest choice.