In an age where dating apps and social media seem to be taking over the world, it can be hard to make genuine connections with other people that don't happen through a screen. A new social networking app called Real is trying to do things a little bit differently.

Like most apps designed to help you meet people, Real tries to connect people with similar interests. What sets Real apart is that it hopes to spark genuine, strictly platonic friendships. The app's 19-year-old founder Ocean Pleasant (who has the coolest name ever) says its lack of profile pictures and gender filters "sets the tone for 'just friends.'"

"Most social apps put a lot of emphasis on appearance-based judgments or gender exclusivity, whereas Real has no gender bias or sexual pretense," she told Teen Vogue.

Pleasant hopes the app's focus on fostering genuine friendships and getting people "out from behind the screen" to meet up and do things together will help people overcome feelings of isolation.

"We also want to challenge the stigma around loneliness and depression, [because] it can be really hard to meet people between work, school, and everything else that demands our attention," Pleasant said.

Sounds pretty cool to us. Get out there and meet some new friends!