The Saudi Arabian teenager is being criticized for this cheeky image he posted to social media.

Just because he's making a face doesn't mean you can too.
(via Daily Mail)


If you were offended by selfie sticks, bear selfies, operating room selfies, homeless selfies, or Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, you were wrong. Compared to this, those are all perfectly tasteful. Only now has the selfie craze gone too far.

This teenager in Saudi Arabia was in the hospital room of his freshly-dead grandfather when he decided the best tribute was to take a lighthearted selfie with him. He stuck out his tongue, snapped the pic, and uploaded it to Facebook. It's not like he had no respect – he did caption the photo "Goodbye Grandfather" and indicate that he was "feeling sad." He even accompanied it with the purest expression of millennial grief, a frowny emoticon.

That couldn't protect him from the Internet's wrath, however. Since the photo was posted, people all across the world have been coming together to gripe about what a little jerk he is. And in his native Saudi Arabia, a country very concerned with morals, it's much worse.

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Local authorities have launched an official investigation into the boy's behavior. A lawyer named Saud al-Harbi said the kid would definitely be punished, telling The Daily Mail:

"It is a terrible provocation of common feelings and a flagrant violation of public morals. The society completely rejects such attitudes that are not condoned in any way by its values or traditions."
Sources: The Daily Mail