On the thread "What's the stupidest lie you believed?" Redditors revealed the falsehoods that they actually fell for, for up to years at a time. While these are supposed to be cautionary tales, they mostly provided fun ideas to mess with your own kids.

1. Fallsviews is an American Idiot.

My dad's coworkers son had somehow convinced me that he was the drummer from Green Day. He was a 13 year old Chinese guy.


2. Kushite almost called the Ghostbusters.

That my my female roommate had lost her grandmother and was seeing her ghost at night so she slept in our male roommates room every night because she was scared. I was so naive.

3. Gizmo135 almost had a sympathy period.

When I was about 9, my dad told told me that someday I'd get my period and went into detail about the whole process. He made it seem pretty terrifying and I believed him. I'm a guy.


4. Tabletara's baby siblings took awhile to defrost.

When I asked my mother where babies came from, she told me Jewel. Like Jewel-Osco the grocery store. I asked her where you could get them from because I've never seen a baby department. She said "they're in big freezer section where they keep the meat. You just tell them what kind of baby you want and they go in the back and thaw it out. That's why they come wrapped in a blanket...because they're so cold". I was terrified of the butcher section for years...and my mom.