When you're dressed as sexy Gandalf and tipsily swaying around post-party this Halloween weekend, you'll probably want to take an Uber home. But ooh, that surge pricing is so unpleasant, and you don't want to be like this woman who accidentally took a $362 Uber ride on Halloween last year. Good news from a new study from Northeastern University, though—you can often avoid surge pricing with just a little patience.

These women ride in silence, contemplating every decision in their lives that brought them to the moment when they decided to take an Uber during surge pricing.

According to NPR, there are two big takeaways about the surges from the study:

  • They vary not only by city but also by sections of the city with what appear to be manually created boundaries of each surge area.
  • They most commonly last less than 10 minutes and often less than 5 minutes (and prices are updated every 5 minutes).

That means that if you simply wait a few minutes or walk a few blocks to what might be a new area, you might be able to avoid the surge. You can't, however, avoid your driver wanting to talk about his new EDM project. Sorry.

Sources: h/t Lifehacker | NPR