The convenience of Uber is luring customers into a false sense of security, according to Hannah Warman, who woke up to a nightmare Uber charge after falling asleep on what should have been a quick ride home.


The London comedian needed a lift at the end of Sunday night. But when she fell asleep, her driver decided to take the scenic route. To the tune of an hour and a half ride at a cost of £84.95 ($111).

Warman told Mashable that after her initial outrage over the charge, she had another thought: "I started to worry why I'd been driven around and felt a bit shaken and unsafe."

Uber refunded her trip after her tweet went viral. But Warman's horror wasn't just about getting ripped off.

"I think people need to be aware that stuff like this goes on because there's a blasé confidence everyone has with using Uber that maybe isn't warranted​," she said, of people jumping into the app-ordered cars without a second thought.

Maybe Uber's starting to catch on: