According to research published Tuesday by cyber security company Bastille, most wireless keyboards transmit information in a way that makes it possible for hackers to easily retrieve every keystroke. Known as the KeySniffer method, it makes passwords, credit card numbers, and weird porn searches all vulnerable.


Wireless keyboards are designed to encrypt the data they exchange with their computer. However, that encryption can easily be cracked, and some keyboards were discovered to have no encryption at all. The keyboards tested were designed for Windows computers and come from brands like Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Radio Shack, and General Electric.

Bastille found the vulnerabilities by reverse-engineering the transceivers (transmitter/receivers) the keyboards use to pair with computers. They then used a radio transponder for controlling drones and a $50 antenna to boost the range of a potential hacker. That allowed them to steal data from 250 feet away, which means it would be very easy steal tons of passwords in a hotel or a shared office space.


You can check out the list of models Bastille tested here. Until then, lay off the super weird porn searches unless you have a hard line.

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