Nipples sure are a problem! You could be like Instagram and ban them, or you could just be like this clothing purveyor and Photoshop out women's nipples entirely! It's unclear who did the Photoshopping—the online retailer who hosts the images, UTrendFashion, or the brand that manufactures the breast-displaying garments, Elegant Momentss. (Yes, that's the actual spelling. Someone apparently typed an extra "s" when filing their business paperwork and was just too lazy to change it.) Either way, go to UTrendFashion and you'll find many Elegant Momentss items that feature completely nipple-less women.

Warning: sorta NSFW pictures below. Technically, it's SFW because none of them have nipples, but that probably makes them even more NSFW than usual, because anyone who looks over at your computer will think you have some sort of no-nipple fetish.

The sexiest thing on a woman? Confidence. Confidence that her nipples will be Photoshopped away.

Breasts like two polished potatoes.

A fun way to learn something about your friends is to ask them what they find most offensive in this picture.
Sources: h/t BuzzFeed