Taking the stage now, gentlepeeps, get your weird, marshmallow dollars out for Bunny!

The marshmallow Peep is as much a symbol of Easter as the bonnet or the dyed egg or the family of four driving in circles while Dad tries to remember where the hell their church is. Come this time of year, peeps love them some Peeps, and based on these photos they also love making their Peeps do horrible, unconscionable things for the purpose of a funny photograph they can upload to the internet. These photos prove that creative people can use these tasty creatures to create some truly tasteless images.



Way to send a message.


Marshmallows don't have lungs so this is actually harmless, and not very enjoyable for the marshmallow either.


Even peeps can find themselves in an airport bathroom looking for love.


After this they're going to protest a funeral for some Girl Scout Cookies.


Now you know what the phrase "Mating like bunnies" is referring to.


Even the Peep versions are all millionaires.


Ridley Scott's "Peeplien." If these Peeps have a cat they'd better crate it right now.


Peeps on the point.


The Peep version of Mel Gibson found this image not gory enough.


They'll be so pissed when they find out Peeps don't have brains.


In the Peep world, this is completely acceptable.


The Demon Barber of Peep Street


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