It's worth it just for the hats!

I sort of want to do all these trends at the same time. (via Youtube)

There's something quite satisfying about watching someone travel through time via makeup. The clip (below) by Cut Video shows one model experiencing 100 years of beauty trends in one seamless transformation. Russian beauty trends somewhat mirror what we know about looks throughout the past ten decades, but they've definitely got their own vibe going on. Regardless of your opinions about Russian politics, let this video transcend political agendas for a journey through the years.

Here are all the looks, in chronological order because of OCD:

1910 is just so adorable.

1920 moved the pearls from her head to her neck.

1930 gazes into the future, rocking a head scarf.

1940 means business, both with that brow and that hat.

1950 is a perfect housewife and I need that lip color.

1960 is the year of the headband that reminds me of middle school in the 90s.

1970 says "HELL YES FUR HAT."

1980 represents all we could ever want from hair in 1980.

1990 was all. About. Those. Bangs.

2000 was also known as the Year of The Hair Helmet.

2010 knows this decade is gonna be a riot.

Here's the full video:


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