Some brilliantly twee fraternity guy — known to us only as "Your Fratshionistau" — has crafted one of the greatest documents of "frat fashion" that the Emory University Greek society has ever seen. The author sent the admonishing email to his frat brothers, and lucky for all of us, a tipster sent it along to Business Insider so the rest of the Internet could share the joy. Now, I barely know the order in which i'm supposed to put on my socks and shoes (it changes every couple of years, doesn't it?), so I'm just going to assume that this is all really good advice. Not that most of these jabronies are going to heed it. (I'm looking at you Liz.) At any rate, here are just a few excerpts that prove it's a lot of fun to read...


Boys I hope you all had a fantastic break filled with family, friends, and a lack of worry. As you being your long or short trip back to campus I hope you take the time to read this.

You are poorly dressed.

I'm glad that is off my chest. Now as your apparel chair I realize this is a reflection of my poor performance, so, in order to combat this I have decided to begin a weekly fashion column for you choice men. You lucky bastards.

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