Ah, another article about how women are getting their bra sizes wrong. At this point, it seems no woman has ever known her actual bra size and might as well just say she's a 67 ZZ. Chantelle Crabb, the PR and marketing executive for lingerie company Curvy Kate and self-proclaimed "Bra Whisperer," told Revelist that most women are choosing the wrong bra sizes in two basic ways. Great, another thing women are apparently doing wrong. 

1. Back measurement


The first measurement women tend to get wrong is the size of the back band. Chantelle says that most women choose bras with back bands (that's the number portion of a bra size) that are too big for them.

The biggest mistake women make when buying bras is choosing a back band which is much too big for them. On average, women need to go down two back sizes or more, which, incidentally, means you need to increase your cup size by two sizes to even this out. So if a woman thinks she’s a 34DD, chances are she’s more like a 30F.

2. Cup size