A new Dior lipstick may not scream "feminism" to you, but Dior Beauty creative and image director Peter Phillips sees it differently. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips revealed that he considers makeup one of the most powerful feminist tools out there.

Phillips talked with The Hollywood Reporter about launching the new line of Dior Addict Lacquer Stick lipsticks this year, in a political climate that includes an invigorated focus on feminism.


“Now there are literally slogans on the T-shirts, but I think it’s always been there. Makeup has always been a weapon for women, you just have to know how to use it,” Phillips said.

Phillips said he sees makeup as a way for women to express themselves and enhance their feminine power, rather than a way to cover up or hide their imperfections.

“A lipstick, an eyeliner is something a woman can use, and should use, to really put forward her strengths,” Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter. “She can totally control how she wants the world to see her — and she can also cover up her weaknesses if she wants to. For me if you use it well, it’s the strongest feminist weapon there is.”


So what I'm hearing is it's totally cool for me to go spend half my paycheck at Sephora because I'm fighting the patriarchy by doing so. Right? RIGHT?