Imgur user conbrio offered some very refreshing #TransformationTuesday (kinda like #ThrowbackThursday but for people who have lost weight) photos that are even more honest than those 30-second transformation photos. To better appreciate conbrio's major transformation, it's best to start with his photo caption—though you should only continue if you're cool with hearing about other people's bowel movements.

Feel free to get out of here and keep living in denial about poop.

conbrio wrote:

One day I woke up bloated and sluggish after a gluttonous night of burritos and beer, looked down at my swollen belly and thought to myself, "this is the first day of the rest of my life" the only way to change things is to first want to change. So i went and took the biggest, gassiest log dump of my life. #TransformationTuesday

OK, you have proven yourself worthy. Check out this guy's major transformation.


Finally, a fitness photo that everyone can relate to. This picture is universal truth in a nutshell. Make sure to get your fiber in, folks. It's a serious body slimmer.