Haircuts are an important part of most people's lives, but just like everything else in the world, they aren't always good. Whether it's because you went to a new stylist, did it yourself, or had a friend give it a try (goodbye, friendship), haircuts and color don't always turn out like you planned. Sometimes, the plan was bad to begin with. Here are some "When Haircuts Attack" stories. Spoiler: there's a lot of crying involved.


1. When you try to go blonde using a drugstore kit.

2. When the salon owner mistakes lightening powder for organic conditioner.

In 2014, aspiring Brazilian model Myrella Ikeda sued Antonio Luis Rosa and Jonice Padilha, the co-owners of salon J. Sisters, after Ikeda went in for a haircut and left with significantly less hair—but due to scissors. Rosa told Ikeda he was going to hydrate her hair with an organic product, but instead accidentally used Naturlite White Lightening Powder, which is basically bleach. WHOOPS!

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