Remember this video?


In it, makeup artist and YouTube vlogger NikkieTutorials says she has been experiencing "makeup shaming." People suggest to her that she does makeup for boys, rather than for herself. Her video went viral, inspiring hordes of MUAs to jump on Instagram and show off their own half makeup selfies. Okay.

I'm confused. For a while, the "political" posts about makeup all related to celebrities showing off their "no makeup selfies," like Beyoncé, or NO FILTER Tyra Banks, or a very filtered Sofia Vergara. Now we're taking back our power by announcing all the contouring cheats we have to hide our double chins? Things have gotten so convoluted in the statement-making makeup selfie game, I don't know what to do with my face anymore. So I just decided to try everything!

Half Makeup Selfie:

Which half is made up lololol

Bottom Half Makeup Selfie:

Wow. My mouth is really different from my eyes when I have lipstick on.

Eyes Closed Makeup Selfie:

True beauty is invisible to the eye.

Upside Down Makeup Selfie:

Wear makeup that flies in the face of society's rules, like which way is up.

Half Clown Makeup Selfie:

When people see me without my clown makeup, they don't even believe I'm the same person.

Half Clown/Half Kiss Makeup Selfie:

Who are any of us, under the mask????

Just Makeup Selfie:

Makeup game is so strong, I don't even need to be there.

After Makeup Selfie #NoFilter:

Is your face hurting? 'Cause it's killing me!