Jenny Beavan gained widespread support when a Vine of her receiving her Oscar for her Mad Max costume work purported to show a bevy of men refusing to applaud her win. Thankfully Leonardo DiCaprio also won an Oscar, or nobody would've been talking about anything else but the clapping.

Beavan wrote an essay for The Hollywood Reporter in which she spoke about her reception at the Oscars, her Mad Max-inspired outfit, and how clapping is overrated anyway.

Beavan and her Oscar, which nobody said was underdressed.

"I just think I was quite slow," she wrote, explaining why it took time for people to start clapping. "And, honestly, I didn’t clap the whole time [during the ceremony] — your hands get tired."

Beavan said the clapping (or lack thereof) didn't affect her. "I don’t mind in the least if they didn't clap. I felt really good, I felt the warmth, I was so proud of doing the film for George and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought, really."

Beavan showing off her vegan leather Mad Max jacket while receiving her award from a fairy goddess .