TV news coverage might seem increasingly partisan, but there is one area where America's news professionals are on the same page: in buying the same dress. After one woman posted a link to the $23 Homeyee Women's Stretch Tunic Pencil Sheath Dress on a Facebook group for meteorologists, dozens of other weather professionals purchased the dress as well. In addition to being affordable, the dress strikes a balance between professional, casual, and flattering that meteorologists desire in their work wardrobes. (Off air, meteorologists presumably only wear T-shirts that say "I love weather!") Now, the forecast for local TV news broadcasts is sunny with a strong chance of Homeyee dresses, and the forecast for any blog writing about this story is even worse meteorology puns than that.

Now imagine if all of these women were wearing The Dress, and then thank goodness that meme has died. 

Here's a closer view of part of the above:

The red version of this dress is one insignia away from a Star Trek uniform.

Unfortunately, it appears that none of the women bought the green dress, which would turn them into awesome floating heads in front of their meteorology green screens.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed