Designers from 18 countries show their culture's ideal body type as well as their Photoshop skills.

The ideal American woman wears pink espadrilles. (via Superdrug Online Doctor)

Let's judge a bunch of women's bodies! This time, they've been photoshopped by designers from around the world to show what the "perfect" body looks like. This project was created by Superdrug Online Doctor, which I think sells prescriptions in the UK? I can't tell if it's legit or not. Anyway, you can now see what ideal women's bodies are, and maybe move to the country that best suits your body type.

The idea behind this project is to show that beauty is not universal. However, each designer's rendition of the perfect woman is just one person's opinion. I doubt they did any nationwide polling before hunkering down in Photoshop to carve away at some thighs until they looked juuuuuust right. The bodies definitely vary, as well as hair color, underwear color, and footwear, all of which are very important when creating the perfect woman.

There's also a chart to tell you approximately how much these fake women weigh, which can be used either as research or as another way to see how you measure up and give yourself more anxiety about you body, which is what I did: