A size 12 fashion writer hit back at commenters who shamed her for wearing a dress that didn't "flatter" her figure. When Glamour posted a photo of associate fashion writer Lauren Chan wearing this brightly colored sundress, she said she was "excited to read the comments." Classic mistake, Lauren! Here is the dress:


And here are some of the comments:

This is the most unflattering thing I've ever seen.

Not flattering at all!

It doesn't complement the body at all. It creates illusion like she is trying to hide some extra curves.

There is absolutely nothing flattering about this dress. It makes her look much havier.... Also, her shoes look uncomfortable and painful too, at least on her feet....

It's kind of insane how many people use the word "unflattering." In an op-ed in Glamour, Chan responded to the criticism. She in particular takes the word "unflattering" to task, writing:

Here’s where I call bullshit: Unflattering is just a code word for “not slimming,” and shocking as it may seem, this size 12 woman doesn’t choose clothes for the sole purpose of appearing elongated, slimmer, or sucked in.