Leave it to the Japanese to create a new woman’s product that is both extremely bizarre and kind of helpful at the same time. Painting your toes is usually fairly time consuming, but a company called Belle Maison created these pre-painted toenail stockings ​that will give you (beautiful?) painted toes in the time it takes to put them on your feet. It's clearly for people who are too lazy to go get a pedicure. 

What if your toenails are bigger than the painted parts? D'oh!

The stockings basically have the same purpose as those gaudy, fake tattoo sleeves: some manmade artificial skin with decorated parts that will fool only the fools. Still, if you don't have the time to give yourself a pedicure, why not try these on for size?  

So weird.

They cost about $11, which is cheaper than your standard pedicure (which will usually run you $15 to $25.) Yes, cheaper is the definitely the key word. Not only do these things look super kitschy, but the material looks like it might fall apart after a few days. 

Also, the painted toes on these stockings are presumably the same size for all stockings. Which sucks because not everyone has the same size toenails as the stockings. They aren't exactly tailor fit to cover each one of your nails. 

But the product has its charm. From tiny hearts and shells to stripes and polka dots, here are some examples of the stockings, complete with fake painted toenails:

The pinky toe is on point in this one.
The index toe is a little off here.
You can't even see the stocking material in this pic. Bravo! 

If you do happen to purchase them, you may want to keep some nail polish in your purse. Just in case.